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Linen towels


Linen Bath towel

100% linen

Diferent sizes



Linen Towel

100% linen fabric

Linen bath towel

100% linen towels.

The towels are treated at 60 ° C and are therefore protected against shrinking.

Linen bath towel absorbs moisture perfectly and dries quickly, so it is a very good material for bath towels. It is recommended to wash them at 60 ° C.

Unlike cotton and other fabrics, all the dirt sticks to the linen instead of being absorbed, so the fabric is easier to wash. In addition, linen has the ability to self-clean, just like wool, because the fiber does not absorb dirt deeper.

If you need other size linen towels, please contact us a tel.26540616 or write to e-mail info@davanuprieks.lv



Papildu informācija

Dimensijas Nav pieejams
Izmērs cm/inch

150×60/59×23, 170×65/67×25, 200×95/78×39


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